Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temporaryong Padikit

BU’s PAGEANT: A Not (?) So Dreadful Event…
by Alex Michael S Boribor

Ever since my freshman year, until now, I am fond of watching pageants because for me, it is the time that people determines the external (physical exquisiteness) and internal (intellect/ mental) aptitude of the candidates to get hold of the title.
The start of the pageant for this year titled, Be your Destiny was fine and stirring on the crowd’s part where students from different colleges of Bicol University and non-BU people (who were just there to snoop) mixed-up in the seats of Albay Astrodome.
The Production Number was just right with “Vietnamese-like” costumes all in red. The music was great and strident en suite for the looks of the candidates while they ramp sensibly on stage.
The confidence in each of the contenders can be seen greatly as most of them packed their smiles and good gestures waving, “Hey, I’m the winner!”
The pageant was said to be a quality one for the judges were title holder/s, business enthusiast, medical doctor, politician, beauty expert, doctorate degree holder from the University of Tokyo, professor of BU Graduate School, etc. (yet asked questions equal to elementary level) Who can’t be dumbfounded with that? Judges in an event should sieve and make sure that the criteria were observed passably. They are the critics and the authorities of the event, for their decisions will speak for the whole event. They can make a typical student a title holder by just expunging or adding points to the score sheet of a candidate. In short, they are the “gods of the night”. So, it is but proper and fitting for them to portray their conspicuous part or functions with undefiled attitude in selecting the right and DESERVING candidates for the title.
The candidates representing each college of the university are supposedly the preeminent and well-chosen among their colleagues; not good in creating an impression or image that leads the spectators expose to imposture. Well, the event confirmed winners, yes, but many students around were able enough to distinguish substance and scrawny entrants even without plinth label unlike the judges of the said event. Nakakaloka!

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